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June 18, 2012
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Just then the flap input diverged again, to let a giggling ogre leading a girl in the tent, pulling on the chain that was tied around her neck and hands. She was a young girl, slight and infinitely terrified. She was dressed in peasant clothes, now torn and broken, stained with blood, dirt and mud.
Even the little face with regular features and a simple beauty, marred by a few scrapes and bruises, was stained by patches of thickened sludge as well as long and wavy blonde hair, completely disheveled. On the reddened cheeks she had the furrow that the tears were scored between the dirt and big brown eyes were inflamed and swollen from too much crying. The girl was carried away helpless, exhausted, as if she had been surrendered to her fate.
She watched horrified the inside of the tent and the elf who was turned back, then she noticed two tall hooded silhouettes that were expectingto be able to quit.
In seeing them, she was plucked by a sudden and instinctive terror, that froze her. Widening her eyes, she sought in the unfathomable shadows of their hoods, the face of those two figures. Inevitably, her eye was caught by the bright eyes of one of the two Kam'Ra. They were like two sparks, two inflamed rubies which attracted all her attention immediately. She felt a chill but pleasant thrill slide down slowly and meandering for the back, while a warm whisper echoed in her mind. With wide-eyed, lost in the bright ones of the Kam'Ra, she felt that she shouldn't have anymore fear. The shadow of the cap seemed to suddenly unravel, leaving out his features, despite the bandages. A face with sharp features crowned with long black hair, slightly wavy. The skin was white and perfect as porcelain, and emphasized the two blood-red eyes, sensual-looking and smart. The lips were fleshy, gently provocative. The Kam'Ra smiled slightly, voluptuous, and the young girl could only prove the immediate desire to surrender to him.
"She's MINE." Vondel hissed furiously, standing up suddenly.
"She is MY toy" he repeated, out loud, angry. "Get out of here, slimy pests." The Kam'Ra's suggestion was broken instantly. The girl blinked, immediately back to the reality.
The charming face of Kam'Ra was gone, and at his place there was again the unfathomable shadow and dark bands, while the bright eyes were turned towards the elf. Realizing she had lost her reason just to have fixed those eyes, the girl sank back in terror, averting immediately her eyes from the cloaked figures.
The ogre grunted some bad language towards the girl, jerking her with such brutality to let her ruin violently to the ground. Both Kam'Ra bowed silently, and then exit from the tent quickly.

Vondel growled something against the ogre, then, quick as a lightning, launched a kick in his shins. The orc howled in pain, grinding his sharpened teeth.
"Go away, you too, disgusting mass of fat!" The elf hissed through clenched teeth, and making threats. The big ogre mumbled something guttural, leaving the tent lame.
The girl was crying silently as she tried to sit up. The General approached, bending on his knees and grabbing her arm. He pulled the girl up easily, helping her heave up, then looked at her face, smiling at her with making silky, insinuating. With his long fingers cupped her chin and lifted her face to see her better.
"Mh. You look a little weary, girl. Your cage is not comfortable enough?" Chuckled unctuously, falsely naive. "And as you are filthy. Would you like to wash and put comfortable clothes?"
The girl said nothing. She frowned and looked worried the elf.
“Mh…?" Then he smiled and with a false innocent air, shrug. "Oh yes, I forgot... You're dumb...!" And got to his feet, bursting out laughing. She gulped, frowning in a grimace of hate.
"What a shame, I'll never know what is your name, little girl. But if you're a good girl and do everything I ask you... Then I could choose one for you. Along with clean clothes, a more comfortable housing," indicating his tent "and food..." The elf mischievously thinned his eyes and moisten his lips.
She wrinkled her nose, stiffly. She shook her head vigorously and then spit on the ground.
The elf's eyes narrowed, his lips tightening. When he opened them again, pointing them with resentment towards the girl, the ice of his irises had the reflexes of the fire. He smiled, pulled.
"Ah. I forgot to tell you that the alternative is to amuse the troops of orcs, until them, of course, don't get tired of you and decide to have dinner with the little that remains of you." He shrugged, showing nonchalance. The girl stared, frozen.
"Corporal," called Vondel loudly, snorting with disdain, as if it didn't concern him anymore. She shook her head vigorously, in denial, blowing mute supplication. She moved on her knees, accompanied by the rattling of chains, advancing towards the elf, pleading, desperate. The elf smiled, pleased to read the terror in those big brown eyes.
"Do you mean to tell me something ...?" He asked slippery. "I can't hear anything... speaks louder."
The Corporal, with an angry and sullen expression, probably also affected by the recent kick, appeared at the edge of the door.
"You called, General Zhaawtar?"
"Come here," ordered the elf, still staring at the girl who was undaunted shooking her head, with utter anguish. The tears flowed copious on the cheeks, her lips were groping the air, as if she tried to say something.
"Can you read the lips of humans, Corporal?" Asked the elf, sighed tired.
The ogre took a grotesque expression of inquiry looking at the young desperate girl.
"Certainly not, General..."
"Ah, too bad. There is no way to understand what she's trying to say..." he shrugged, turning away with indifference. "In this case, then, she is all for you and for the troops."
The girl didn't give time to the grinning ogre to move, that she was already thrown forward on the ground, taking with her hands the elf's foot. She was crying desperately, still shaking her head, and the swollen eyes sought the look of the one who had the power to decide about her fate. The elf looked down at her, smiling contentedly. Then he bent his knees and take her on the neck pulling her up without too much difficulty, but squeezing so strong to make her breathless.
"Are you trying to tell me that you have changed your mind, girl?"
She tried to nod, starting to sob. The elf tugged her away with violence, causing her falling to the floor again.
"Corporal". And he pointed the girl to the ogre. She crawled at his gesture as best she could in a corner of the curtain, cowering. The ogre rubbed his hands.
"Remove chains, but leave me the key. Then... d i s a p p e a r". The orc, which looked rather impatient, raised surprised his bushy eyebrows, glancing the elf.
"What can you not understand, stupid ogre? She remain here. Unless she come out the tent against my will. In this case, repulsive creature, you can do whatever you want." And then he looked back at the girl, victorious. She narrowed her eyes, defeated, devastated.
The ogre grunted an "At your service..." barely understandable, then he did as told.
"Say also to the army to prepare for departure. Tonight we move for Valar."
The ogre nodded again, grunting, and freed the girl from the chains. The elf seated again on the cushion and was back to contemplate the maps. When the ogre came out, the girl got up silently, rubbing her wrists and neck, and looking around anxiously. She wiped her tears with the back of her hand and stared for a moment the flap of the tent entrance.
"Do not even look at it." said the elf, ogling her furtively. Lips were printed with a proud, triumphant smile. "Outside there is a smelly filthy guard-orc, that can not wait for you to try to escape to get his grubby claws on you," he chuckled mockingly, then turned back to the girl and indicated her a pitcher of water and a pantry.
"Speaking of filth. I'd say you're dying to give you a long, relaxing bath." The elf was studying the girl with craving attention. She stepped back, trembling, about to start crying.
"But no, there is no needs to be touched. I know that my generosity is poignant, but you, my little wild animal, you will know how to repay me. I am sure."
Slow and feline, he took a few steps toward her, and then, with quick and certain movements, but at the same time light and almost imperceptible, he put his hand on her neck and struggled it on, so that their noses touched. The grip was light, but iron. He planted the ice eyes in her.
"I'm more than sure ..." he whispered, grinning hungrily. She could feel the warmth of his breath on her lips. She was too scared to react in any way. Even the crying had become instinctive. Tears were falling by themselves from her wide open eyes, full of terror, fixed on the elf's chilly ones. Then he drew back, continuing to stare at her, steadfast, and continuing to flaunt without any regard that devious and mischievous smile on his thin and pale lips.
"Undress." he ordered, in no uncertain terms.
I decided to try translating another piece from my novel. This is a short piece from 4th chapter... and is the first encounter of Aralyn and Vondel, as I see that they're the favourite couple among my OC... So I thought that few of you, interested in my story, could like this... :B
Well... sorry for my bad translation first of all. I hope that there aren't too many mistakes. Translating is one of the hardest thing for me, as my english is poor and I'm self-taught...! So please be clement with me! And if you notice any mistake, let me know, so I can correct it! Thanx!

More about Aralyn and Vondel:
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KatMika Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Magnificent story, just perfect. Where I can read another chapters?
CristianaLeone Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
;___; sorry I don't have many chapters translated... but you can find something here: :iconkherming-chronicles:

Btw, thanx a lot for the compliments! :huggle:
Aphilien Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
The whole scene is very well described =) i could imaging her terror, the poor girl!
CristianaLeone Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
Thanx a lot! It was so hard trying to mantain the emotions with the translation! It was very difficult as my English is poor...
But I'm very happy you liked it!! :D
Aphilien Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
I know how you feel! =D but you got the ffelings nicely across!
CristianaLeone Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
KahlanAmnell123 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
Can you link me chapter 1 please, so I can start from the beginning...this is very good and your english is exceptional for someone who is self-taught...very well :clap:
CristianaLeone Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
:D Linked to you in my previous comment the story's group, with all the stuff! ^^

And thank you! Translating that was one of the most difficult thing I ever did! xD
Elyra-Coacalina Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Wow !!! very interesting !!! like your ideas. I understood all !!! Poor Aralyn T_T i am so sad for her T_T
CristianaLeone Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
Oh, dear, thank you for taking the time to read this!
This is just a piece of the chapter... You know... I wrote over 200 pages of my story... but never had the strenght to finish it. I'm having a block... -___- This is so sad...

Btw, I'm glad you like Aralyn!! She's very unfortunate!!
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