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May 27, 2011


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Art for me!!

Journal Entry: Fri May 27, 2011, 2:43 AM

Lately I'm receiving beautiful gifts from you, friends... It's incredible. Seeing my OCs made from you, it's one of the most beautiful thing I could receive... You're amazing... THANK YOU so much for the support and the love you give me... I love you all.... T^T I'm touched...


This Journal is for you!! :heart:

:new:I love you to the moon and back by FelixutaRia Oronar Icon by ClefairyKid Ria Oronar Stamp by ClefairyKidAuguri Cru! by GiovyLoCa A strong and broken man.A strong man is defined by his vows,
and he had bled for his.
Years could not age what he had swore,
and she wished he had sworn for her.
A captain of honor and virtue
damaged by his hope.
She struggled with his obsession
and grew jealous of it.
Was she not worthy of his regard?
Not a symbol for adulation?
Could she not tempt a loving word,
or even break the skin?
The stronger the man the worse the break,
and what was he if not broken?
Hope had scarred but did not mend
the loss he bore on his back.
She felt his eyes recede
and knew he thought of her.
A woman that had won his strength
and lost it to his ambition.
A man who loved so purely
it reflected in his crimes.
He felt the loss so deeply
it imbedded in his skin.
She never knew herself
to crave a hopeful man.
But she loved him for his vow,
and wanted him to break it.
[Commission] spadiekitchenqueen by SweetillitaGift: Varelen by sionraGift: You Give Me Strength by CubicInsanity Fire by Felixuta Vondel by Kimir-Ra Kyed Animated by DataDiasVarelen by InkyRoseYour Unforgettable Touch by AmericanDork Gar and Varelen by Jen-and-Kris by mirzjiles:new:

Ria -blinking animation- by DataDiasCru's Ria by DataDiasRia, the Untamed by LauraPexCommission: Kyed by SaraSaeed95Pencil Portraits Commissions - 3rd batch by SerenaVerdeArtCommission: Ria by SaraSaeed95Mine by Felixuta AT - Till the fire will burn by Nike-93 The Three Cursed Sisters(Part3B)ByCharlie Pasters                         The Three Cursed Sisters (Part 3B) By Charlie Pasters 
{A Fan Fiction Alternate Relativity Earth And Universe= Madge Sinclaire And Charles E. Lawston Together And Engaged As Each Others' Fiancés, Mixed With A Made Up Fairytale Story}
           Back in Trevor's bedroom, both Sara and Madge were waiting very patiently for Charles to continue reading his one Made Up Fairytale Story to them both, along with Madge's son, Trevor. "So Charles, what happened in Ravenswood and Princess Melodina's one adventure?" "Yeah, Charles, what happened in Charles Emerson and Princess Madgelina's one adventure, along with her one son, Trevorno?" "Well, where exactly did I leave off in that one Fairytale Story? Ah, Yes, now I remember."
Vondel by IrenHorrorsRia and Kyed - lines by piccolaria by DataDiasRia Doll by AngelLale87Point Commission:  Beloveds by jen-and-krisRoella Pixel Portrait - Prize by mirz-alt<da:thumb id="434541467"/>:: Your heartbeat :: by sionraDon't cry my queen by Felixuta A light in the darkness: a Ria and Kyed storyThe rain was turning the very air into something solid. It was pouring incessantly from the sky, pounding the earth as if intent on taking a revenge against the forest. In the tiny shelter Kyed and Ria had built a few hours ago, once they had realised that trying to make progress in those conditions was useless,  a small rivulet of water was snaking its way across the pines needles. No matter how talented one was, when faced with such a storm the only shelter was good, strong sturdy stone walls and a tiled roof.
The air was cold and damp: despites all their combined talents they hadn't been able to start a fire. Everything was soggy, dripping, and after some harsh negotiations from an irate Kyed and some vehement protestations from Ria, they had settled together under their cloaks. Huddled under the damp fabric and side by side, they were sharing whatever meagre comfort could be found in those miserable conditions.
The air in the tiny shelter was heavy with the smell of mould and
Don't trust the leaves by DameOdessaKayami by Lady-CompassionRia and Kyed by GiovyLoCa 271_Vondel_PiccolaRia by Mau-Acheron
New year gift- Vondel by KisaraelElementum Kisha Pixel Portrait - Prize by mirz-altMistletoe by DataDiasXmas Chibis by Lilith-the-5thMerry Christmas! :D by ixgal97Merry Christmas!! by Gnewi Santa's Grumpiest Christmas Elf by Blue-Cat00 Secret Santa: Ria by elottaPiccolaria christmas gift from santa! by Broken-FriendshipSecret Santa: Merry Christmas by Fayerin

:Free sketchs: 1st batch by Ay-leenVarelen: where's the prince...?! by ArlesienneAralyn The Star Digital by PurpleRedRoseBobblehead sketch comm 7 - Gift by Sleyf
October requests 1 by LaraInPinkShe always eats xD by AngelLale87Gift for Piccolaria by Broken-FriendshipRia Journal by AngelLale87Colored PiccolaRia Cathedral by Broken-FriendshipIt' s Magic! by Mavrosh  

 Commission - Best friends forever by LiberLibelulaLittle Ria and her Captain by IsbjorgVondel Pixel Portrait by mirz-altAralyn Pixel Portrait by mirz-altKyed for PiccolaRia by DataDiasSparks by FelixutaHappy Birthday PiccolaRia! by YixeirtRia and Kyed: Party People! by Choryunami OC CC - part 2/2 by Ravietta Don't Go by Eeren Vondel (commission) by Smoludozerka
The moon kissed son, Aaron's tale part 1/3The house was dark. There wasn't any smoke coming up from the chimney.
Aaron stopped on the small path, barely discernable from a rabbit's way, his nostrils flaring to catch the evening breeze.
Nothing stirred around the small stone and wood cottage, no unfamiliar scent to tickle his nostrils and yet something was definitely off. With a shrug the small, plump deer that had been slung across his shoulders fell on the forest floor as he stepped closer, straining his senses as he came nearer to the house.
The door of the house was still open, the bucket of dirty water waiting to be emptied near the birch broom. Inside the house he had to shoo off the rooster who had been bold enough to enter and had been pecking at the wrinkled apples on the table. His calls remained unanswered until he heard it, faint, so faint, coming from outside the house.
He found her in the barn. She had managed to drag her off to a pile of clean straw but had been unable to rise or shift on her own. Her green eyes
Varelen Pixel Portrait by mirz-altGar Pixel Portrait by mirz-altMultiple Identities Lineart by PiccolaRia by DataDiasSplit Personality by blackmoonrose13 Ria by AoiBunnyOnSakuraTreeAralyn Chained by FaythsrequiemGar's Uniform by FaythsrequiemKyed's Tattoo by FaythsrequiemRia's Scar by Faythsrequiem Varelen's Ring by Faythsrequiem Vondel's Tattoo by FaythsrequiemKyed Colored by AC-DeltharimPreator line art Kyed Piccolaria by Broken-FriendshipKyed by ThreshTheSkyPiccolaRia's Ria by DataDiasKiriban Prize - Kyed for PiccolaRia by EerenPiccolaRia's Kyed by DataDias
Ria by AngelLale87Rose for PiccolaRia by LyricannaVARELEN for PICCOLARIA by ECVcmKyed by SerenaVerdeArt Chains Tarot-Sketch by JLDragonfly
PiccolaRia's Ria exlusive stock pack by Arlesienne Commission: Ria's way (wallpaper) for PiccolaRia by ArlesienneRia contest prize by oKaShira2Fantasy Team by daekazuContest Prize - Aralyn by GnewiRia by effulgent-smile
Kherming Cantations - Chapter 1Mud...everywhere.
Ria forged through the dense forest, pushing aside leaves and branches to make it down the path. Her foot fell into a deep puddle, splashing water and earth up onto her pants.
The storm had come out of nowhere. Just hours before, the sky had been clear and the sun shining bright. Then, as if foretelling the coming of something dark and evil, black clouds rolled in, dumping buckets of water onto the land.
Ria grimaced. As much as the druid hated to be out in such weather, there was a purpose.
Something dark and evil, she thought, wryly.
"Are you sure this is the right way?" The voice was Kyed. He wasn't speaking to her, but to the shifty human who had accompanied them. The thief had told them that he'd learned that Vondel had made camp in the Carion Woods and that there were strange lights and sounds coming from the area.
"I'm sure," the man answered. "I stumbled upon it when seeking out the Crestfall Wrinkle."
"What would a thief like you want with that?" Ria a
Unlikely Friends Contest Award: PiccolaRia by Endorell-Taelos X-mas rapture by SerenaVerdeArtCommission for AngelLale87 by ToryoNoDoroppuMore Gifts for Christmas! :D by GnewiSecret Santa - Ria by Tenaga
Ria by ThreshTheSkyACEOs: the druid and the guard by LaraInPinkAs pretty as a rose by FelixutaCommish - Ria and Kyed by LaraInPink
So that I can call you MY PRINCESS by Arlesienne Ria FireRavenous to sent the world ablaze,
Internally my mind has gone in a haze.
Afraid of who might follow,
For my heart has gone hollow,
I see now, happiness the world swallowed.
Remembering all I see,
Everyone and everything shall burn free.
Aralyn by ThreshTheSky Aralyn by FelixutaVarelen by FelixutaRia by Felixuta
The good old times before time... by Domisea Ria Portrait by mirz-alt Monkey Blues by doyles-slave Happy birthday, Cru by GiovyLoCaKyed and Ria by Gnewi ARALYN by ECVcm
Kyed by GnewiRia by Gnewi Week 23 - 2012 Emote Journal by Mirz123What's their favorite thing about each other? by kanako91FS#2 Shisleya 4 Endorell-Taelos and PiccolaRia by EerenGift: Kyed by ReginyraLunasky
Varelen Fan Stamp by Endorell-TaelosGar Fan Stamp by Endorell-TaelosVondel Fan Stamp by Endorell-TaelosAralyn Fan Stamp by Endorell-TaelosRia Fan Stamp by Endorell-TaelosKyed Fan Stamp by Endorell-Taelos
The world doesn't exist, when I'm in your arms by Fi-Dicomm: Varelen [part1] by AngelLale87comm: Gar [part2] by AngelLale87comm: Vondel[part1] by AngelLale87comm: Aralyn[part2] by AngelLale87:thumb295833944: :thumb295834181:
Comm: Ria by AngelLale87Comm: Kyed part2 by AngelLale87 Bellydance by AscahithielAralyn's sorrow by AngelLale87Gift: Cru by kanako91 Vondel for Cru by kanako91
my godness by AngelLale87another alice by QTpie4753PiccolaRia: Bodyguard by ViikingitValk:thumb208588188: ::Contest:: Kyed by Evi-san
Into the Woods by nightowlkay1 Between Life and Death.... by Ata-Ur-Rehman Ria Oronar 2 by Fanhir Multiple Identities Colored by Lasgalenya
Ria and Kyed by AngelLale87 The Druid and the Fire by pandemoniumfire You are mine.... by JLDragonfly I'll fight till death by AngelLale87 Bayonetta +collab+ by GiovyLoCa Ria Oronar by Fanhir
Waiting for you by Ivannia03 I Support PiccolaRia by AngelLale87 RememberAll the times we had together,
All the memories,
You lost them all.
I remember.
The good and
Bad times,
The easy and
The hard,
Those memories haunt my mind.
We may be in
different worlds
But before we go our
Separate ways,
My last request is a kiss;
The final kiss that will set me
And haunt
Do not be afraid,
It will be quick,
I promise you.
I will be on my way soon enough,
While you can just go on
Not remembering
Violet Dream - PiccolaRia ID by BlazesStarGirl Rise and Shine by Gwennafran
THE PARTY by CarlosHurtadoSoriano Ria character WIP by Riveda1972

If I forgot someone, please let me know!! :D

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